Each of us is responsible for Safety in our work so YOU are the first person involved in your own safety.

TE Safety Office

Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) Delphine Létant-Delrieux 162473
Deputy Departmental Safety Officer (DDSO) Alexis Vidal 164502


Safety Officers for TE

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Alexis Vidal 164502
Deputy Radiation Safety Office (DRSO) Delphine Létant-Delrieux 162473
Cryogenic Safety Officer (CSO) Olivier Pirotte 163270
Flammable Gas Safety Officer (FGSO) David Jaillet (Dept.EN) 167151
Chemical Safety Officer (ChSO) Leonel Ferreira 163612
Laser Safety Officer (LSO)    


Group Safety Link Persons

CRG Torsten Koettig 168530
MPE Daniel Calcoen 163704
MSC Rosario Principe 160232
VSC Bernard Henrist 163633


Territorial Safety Officers

Table of Territorial Safety Officers